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Meet Ilse & Ben: A Journey of Faith and Passion

Welcome to the House of Thunders! We are Ilse and Ben, the hearts and souls behind this divine journey. Our story began in Texas, where paths crossed at a Ministry School - Ilse, hailing from South Africa, and I, Ben, from the Northeast of the United States. United by our unwavering commitment to follow the Lord, our journey has taken us across the United States and around the globe, eventually bringing us to the breathtaking coast of South Africa.

As parents to four wonderful children, we've embraced the call to settle in South Africa, a move led by divine guidance. Here, in this beautiful land, we've found our calling awakening anew, driven by a deep passion for the Kingdom's many facets.

Our Mission: Heaven on Earth

At the heart of our mission is a profound desire to bring the essence of Heaven to Earth, to see the earthly realm respond and align with God's Will and purpose in the lives of people. This mission manifests in varied and unexpected ways, from the soul-stirring music, for which Ilse is exceptionally gifted, to transformative teaching, and producing materials aimed at nurturing your relationship with the Lord, fostering freedom, and healing.

We believe in the power of frequency, the medium through which God created all things. Our endeavor is to restore this frequency in the Earth, the land, and within people to its original, God-intended state. By releasing the sound of Heaven on Earth, we aim to bring alignment to the land and the souls of people, anticipating miraculous transformations.

A Vision of Love and Miracles

Our journey is fueled by the knowledge of the Father's immense love for His creation, a love far greater than we can fathom. It's a love He desires for each of us, more earnestly than we can imagine. As we embark on this journey, we are thrilled to have you with us, sharing in our vision and mission.

We believe it's time for the sons and daughters to rise, for the Elijah mantle to be released anew, heralding an era of signs, wonders, and miracles on Earth. As we look forward to the glory of God covering the Earth fully, we invite you to join us at House of Thunders and be a part of the marvelous works the Lord is set to unleash.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, let's witness the unfolding of God's majestic plan. Welcome to House Of Thunders! 

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